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Summary of the benefits of dry hiring specialised equipment such as high speed disc tillage equipment

Farming nowdays is a highly refine business operation which needs to focus on ways to enhance their revenue, decrease their costs and improve their asset utilisation. A very effective way to achieve this is by getting access to leading edge equipment which generates enhanced yields (revenue enhancement) in a highly efficient operation (cost reduction) without having to outlay the large cost of these types of equipment (improving asset utilisation and cash management).

When dry hiring the farmer can use his own tractor and labour in the operation thereby retaining control over a major part of the operational cost. An expensive machine is not spending most of the year laying idle (and therefore tying up the large amount of cash in this machine which can better used elsewhere). As a specific example, a modern high speed disc tillage machine can cost close to $200,000 plus associated maintenance expenses. Dry hiring this same machine will cost around $25 per hectare with no other costs or worries, plus this hire cost is 100% tax deductible.


Pro-Till® in 20 feet or 6M Fast and versatile tillage equipment

Designed to shred heavy fall residue, open up spring fields, level ruts, destroy clods and produce an absolutely perfect seed bed. Pro-Till® is your single tool for tillage. Cultivate over 10 MPH, Wet or Dry.Prepare Your Seedbed Fast.Level Ruts, Instantly Floating Self-Contour Technology. Maximum Trash Flow. Flawless Rock Protection

Distinguishing Features of Tiger MT

After grain maize, lodged grain and catch crop Turning of grassland and set-aside land Intensive crumbling on heavy soils TerraGrip tines with a working depth of up to 35 cm Hydraulic overload protection of tines with a release force of 800 kg Hydraulic overload protection of the DiscSystem

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Horsch Tiger 6m on the Darling Downs 1

Horsch Tiger (6m) on the Darling Downs doing a sensational job working up cotton country in one pass. The Tiger's front discs turn the soil and chop residue; the tines deep rip removing the plant and busting pupae; the back smoothing discs level the ground; and the rear wheels consolidate the soil. In one pass the ground is now ready to plant a new crop, saving on the large costs and moisture losses associated with multiple passes with different tools. The Tiger truly is the ultimate in tillage productivity.


Pro-Till working near Dalby in cotton

Pro-Till working near Dalby in cotton. This farmer has already root ripped the cotton plants and is following up with the Pro-Till to work the top layer of soil, level ruts, combine the residue and prepare a beautiful consolidated seed bed for planting. As you can see it has been wet but the Pro-Till is still performing very well (although it's a little muddy!). His new JD 4-Track is awesome too by the way...


Pro-Till working near Coonamble NSW

Pro-Till working near Coonamble NSW in a lupin field following harvest. The video shows how beautifully the Pro-Till blends the residue and the soil at 16 kph, leaving a perfect seed bed after only a single working.


Equipment Sales:

Equipment Sales: If you are looking at a Pro-Till in QLD and the northern half of NSW then call us now! Sam Sawley 0437 473 980

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