George Sypher

George Sypher is the manager of “Karamarra” north of Dingo in Central Queensland.  The business operates a large-scale farming and cattle operation along the MacKenzie River.  The farming component incorporates both irrigation and dryland.

George has used Degelman Pro-Tills for over 12 months now, initially hiring one and then purchasing his own 8m machine.

“The Pro-Till has been the difference between us getting a crop in or not.  This year we had very large floods close to planting time with big washouts and gutters deal with.  The Pro-Till’s ability to get over ground quickly and create a fine tilth on top of the flood-affected soil enabled us to be able to plant into a good seed bed following the flood.  Previously we would have had to use a chisel plough and offset, and then wait for a rain – it would have been too late.”

“Last year the Pro-Till was very effective in allowing us to get a good chick pea crop in and away.  We had good moisture deep down and we ran the Pro-Till over the top to get a good tilth then we planted moisture seeking chick peas 6” down.  The fantastic tilth enabled the slot behind the planting tine to be closed very effectively giving great seed-on-soil contact.  It looked like we had planted much shallower.”

“Not only has the Pro-Till allowed us to get crops in where we wouldn’t have in the past, it is also a fool proof machine to operate.  It is easy to set up and operate, and it’s very robust.  I honestly can’t speak highly enough of the machine and what it’s done for us.”

George Sypher



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