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SawleyCo is a specialised agricultural services company with generations of farming and contracting experience. Our sole focus is to help farmers improve their productivity. We strive to bring solutions that increase revenue, decrease costs and improve asset utilisation.

Our business culture is founded on 3 key principles:

  1. Excellent customer relationships built on outstanding service
  2. A continually evolving suite of advanced products and services that deliver real productivity improvement
  3. A great team

SawleyCo delivers productivity improvement through 4 offerings:

  • Equipment hire – where the farmer can control the operation but does not want to purchase a machine
  • Contracting – where the farmer wants a full service solution • Sales – where the farmer wants to own the machine
  • Parts – where the farmer wants quality components at market leading value

Hiring specialised tillage equipment to farmers has large potential with initial machines performing very well

Modern, sophisticated tillage equipment brings real productivity improvement to farmers through decreasing seed-bed preparation costs and enhancing yield

This equipment is expensive however and individual farmers often cannot justify purchasing it due to limited utilisation
Hiring this equipment solves this problem for the farmer with the hire cost being less than the holding and operating cost of the machine


Equipment Sales

If you are looking at a Pro-Till in QLD and the northern half of NSW then call us now! Sam Sawley 0437 473 980